b. 1986, HK.

a happy accident, born from necessity.

Afoam was established in 2014 to deliver a design-build installation, Urban Rest Stop, for Syracuse University’s UPSTATE Center for Design and Research. It has since evolved to offer a focused range of services that aligns with our skill set and interests.

The team met and grew from a multi-year social sculpture project, 601 Tully, in Syracuse, NY, where as students we helped design and fabricate a community space for arts, education, and literacy in Syracuse’s Near West Side from 2009-2012.

Current projects range from an artist-in-residency on a former farm in Bordeaux, France to designing temporary museums for a start-up, as well as residential and retail spaces.

PROCESS We believe in a process of critical naiveté, bringing a mindset that questions each problem anew, attempting to bar preconceptions from the process of how we approach a given project. We create exchange, debate, and conversation in and about parties, buildings, events, data visualization, and web sites.

MAKING Making and fabrication are inherent to, and inform our practice, and we will work in whatever medium is appropriate for a given challenge. This intrinsic relationship between design, prototyping, and learning informs our design process and has resulted in a collective who can deliver much more than drawings and specifications.We enjoy working with communities and end-users closely, to create new ideas, objects, and experiences to bring people together.

COLLABORATION We often work with other designers, artists, or professions to provide design and fabrication expertise to help people achieve their goals. In fact, many of our design/build projects arise out of collaborations with artists or as the result of competitions. It is a project delivery method that only applies for the right projects, for the right people, but is one that underlies all of our work. From designing objects to crafting visualizations, we like to expand possibilities for others while learning from them.



email: info @ afoam . net

Studio: 70-04 64th St, Glendale, NY, 11385